Blair and Meg and Rita’s Combined 22nd/21st Birthday Party….aka the Best Birthday Ever, even though it was none of our actual birthday’s yet, Blair’s was the 14th, Mine’s this tuesday, and Meg’s is the 24th! The three of us have experienced a lot together in Moscow (St. Peterburg’s too…on a boat) so it only seems fit that three of us got to share in each other’s bday’s as well. We went to everyone’s favorite ex-patriot Bar, the Hudson. I really love all these people here, so I’m gonna brag for a second with the pics. Look mom, friends! 

Of the things I remember, the weirdest part of my night had to be when I came into my room at 3:30 am after showering and  a Russia student with grey paint in his hair is sitting on my bed playing Bob Marley on the guitar while Liam, who is also sitting on my bed, was shouting ‘no woman no cry’…I’ve never been more confused, but after they left, Blair came back and we went to bed. I think in order of who remembers most to least it would be meg, then Rita, then Blair…those juice boxes can really hit you. Go bills!


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