Childhood is not a suspended state of innocence- it is the condition of rapidly losing innocence.
Gidion’s Knot, by Johnna Adams
When I’m not furious at you I’m really worried about you. I don’t want you to become someone who makes me sad every time I think about you.
4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

New old digs

Apparently the mansion I am currently working/living in is “haunted”…so I guess I’ll just continue to be an insomniac and keep my stuffed animals really close to me. I’m kind of a child.

But other then that everything else has been great…but actually I hope there are no ghosts or that they are disinterested in being active about it…uh. 

The Old Man and The Old Moon

Okay, so, when I was in the fourth grade my class read this book. Sadako Sasaki believed that if she could fold 1,000 cranes she would be granted health, happiness and eternal peace; but she passed away before she could finish. That story really upset my 10 year old mind, especially because then I had to learn about Hiroshima and nuclear bombs and leukemia at the same time! But…anyway, I decided to begin my own 1,000 crane challenge at school last spring. And Maybe if I complete it I’ll get eternal peace or I’ll give them away and they’ll cheer someone else up. Until then, I figured I could document my endeavors on this page  and maybe this way I will actually finish by next spring. Thanks for reading and err…go bills.

And with that, my crane count is at: 215 

And I felt saddest of all when I read the boring chapters that were only descriptions of whales, because I knew that the author was just trying to save us from his own sad story, just for a little while.
The Whale by Samuel D. Huneter
Love is for teenagers and screenplays
6 word story, rms…(well its more of a six word thought, but B+ for effort) 
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I miss my bed something fierce right now