And the main thing, Sandra, the main thing I want to thank you for is for telling me about love, that you taught me how we need to love. That you explained to me what love is. At our very first meeting you said, do you remember? You said that real love could only be mutual. Real love is when two people love each other. And if only one person is doing the loving, then that’s not love. I have remembered these words my whole life. And then every second of my life, I remembered that it takes two to love and that means that I am responsible for your love.
Illusions, A Comedy by Ivan Vyrypaev
I’ve never been able to figure out whether life is serious or just a farce. When it’s funny, it can be most painful, when it’s serious, it can be quite tranquil and pleasant..and then when you finally take it seriously, along comes someone and makes a fool of you.
The Dance of Death, August Strindberg
Childhood is not a suspended state of innocence- it is the condition of rapidly losing innocence.
Gidion’s Knot, by Johnna Adams
When I’m not furious at you I’m really worried about you. I don’t want you to become someone who makes me sad every time I think about you.
4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

New old digs

Apparently the mansion I am currently working/living in is “haunted”…so I guess I’ll just continue to be an insomniac and keep my stuffed animals really close to me. I’m kind of a child.

But other then that everything else has been great…but actually I hope there are no ghosts or that they are disinterested in being active about it…uh. 

The Old Man and The Old Moon

Okay, so, when I was in the fourth grade my class read this book. Sadako Sasaki believed that if she could fold 1,000 cranes she would be granted health, happiness and eternal peace; but she passed away before she could finish. That story really upset my 10 year old mind, especially because then I had to learn about Hiroshima and nuclear bombs and leukemia at the same time! But…anyway, I decided to begin my own 1,000 crane challenge at school last spring. And Maybe if I complete it I’ll get eternal peace or I’ll give them away and they’ll cheer someone else up. Until then, I figured I could document my endeavors on this page  and maybe this way I will actually finish by next spring. Thanks for reading and err…go bills.

And with that, my crane count is at: 215 

And I felt saddest of all when I read the boring chapters that were only descriptions of whales, because I knew that the author was just trying to save us from his own sad story, just for a little while.
The Whale by Samuel D. Huneter
Love is for teenagers and screenplays
6 word story, rms…(well its more of a six word thought, but B+ for effort)